Alan Kindler Oil on Board "The Three Fates"

Alan Kindler Oil on Board "The Three Fates"

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Alan Kindler Oil on Board titled "The Three Fates"

Measures approximately 36" x 48" x 2"

From the artist:

"The Three Fates This piece was conceived in collaboration with my three daughters, who I'd wanted to include in a group portrait for some time, having painted each of them separately several times. I asked them for suggestions about theme and accessories and one suggested the Greek story of the fates, Clotho, who spins the thread of a person's life, Lachesis, who dispenses it and Atropos, who cuts the thread. Each made suggestions about costume. We also layered in references (from left-to-right) to Fire, Earth, and Water, as well as Sun, Stars and Moon. I've used a Klimpt-influenced decorative motif to tie the three together and express those tripled qualities."


Alan Kindler is a mostly self-taught artist based in Crozet, VA.


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